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    General Gamesmanship, game management, and drinks breaks

    I wish we would do it a bit more sometimes. Especially after just scoring.
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    Current Player Steve Seddon

    Biggest problem with the first goal is no one closing down the shot and putting their body on the line. I think it was moore not closing it down. Side on and waved a foot at it. Get in front of it face on. I thought we had turned a corner with the wigan game where people were throwing themselves...
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    General Blackpool Beef

    Do they get the u and n the wrong way round?? 😄
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    Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - no.32 - Gillingham away

    the betting story reminds me of a game years ago at home. I had a £5 bet on moody to score 1st and oxford to beat Halifax 5 -1. Long before cash outs. It was something like 500/1 Moody scores 1st then scores a penalty near the end to make it 5 -1 me and my mate were going absolutely bananas...
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    National News Vaccine - have you had yours?

    Had mine on Saturday. 39 and diabetic. Felt really rough from late Saturday night and Sunday. Flu like symptoms and and a banging headache. Back to normal today. Lots of younger people in the queue around me. Girl behind was 19 and asmatic. I think it depends a lot on where your surgery is...
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    Current Player Jack Stevens

    Great news. He has everything that a modern keeper needs. I can see plenty of offers coming in for him in the future. The one thing he hasn't had to show yet is the ability to not let a mistake knock his confidence which I'm sure it won't. The ideal end to the season will be to be 4 nil up in...
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    Away Match Build Up 27/02/2021 L1 MK Dons v OUFC

    I think tomorrow will be an entertaining game to watch. Plenty of open attacking football from both sides which will suit us. Hopefully mk still like to mess around with the ball in their own box and we can take full advantage again. I was really impressed with Cameron Jeromes movement in the...
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    General Referees

    First Post so be gentle. I actually thought that this season has seen a massive improvement in the standard of official's that we have had. Don't get me wrong the one at the weekend was poor and one or two others but there has been plenty of games where haven't noticed them at all, and they...
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