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    watching on Ifollow

    Should be a live chat function on the website
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    Home MDT +++ 20/08/2019 L1: OUFC vs Burton Albion+++

    2-1 Taylor and Woodburn
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Great news for us according to my uncle (Gas season ticket holder) - Said they were gutted to lose him. Welcome Matty, good luck!. Back for Tranmere game and looking forward to it!
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    Away MDT +++ 17/08/2019 L1: Blackpool v OUFC +++

    Was confident, but we do seem light on numbers. Take a point 1-1 Henry
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    Home MDT +++ 10/08/2019 L1: OUFC v Peterborough FC +++

    Great result in very difficult conditions. Congratulations everyone. Excellent start to the season.
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Agyei looks like he could be a belter of a signing and still only 22 don’t forget. He’s just getting started.
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Im happy to wait if that means getting the right player. The team did well on Saturday. We looked like a "team" actually, which was pleasing considering it was the first game of the season and so many new players.
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    Away MDT +++ 03/08/2019 L1: Sunderland v OUFC MDT +++

    Watched on ifollow. Overall, great performance and effort from the team. Played with intensity and looked pretty well organized. We will get a lot better I’m sure, could be in for an exciting season!. Ref was a joke, biased toward Sunderland from around 32mins (Dickies disallowed goal).
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    Predictions for the season

    Agreed BR. Very difficult to predict, but surely we are in a better place than last year. If we sign a couple more decent players no reason we can't be up there in and around the playoffs come May. 3rd - 6th
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    Ben Woodburn

    Would be a great signing, yes we need other players, but thats not his (Ben's) fault. How anyone could find this a negative is beyond me.
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    +++ 27/07/19 PSF SOLIHULL MOORS V OUFC +++

    Admittedly I’m not there, But it doesn’t sound great at all on the radio. Have we had a shot yet?. Also the Scottish radox commentator and our ex player (apologies I forgot his name) stating Cadden’s strength is more in attack rather than defence. I was trying to remain upbeat but Whyte...
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    But to do that (something new), you would have to read through the whole lot again!. Agree with most on here. We have better players than this time last year. Recruitment could have gone better (as always). We need them (new players) in by next week. If so, I’d be pretty happy. If not, it’s...
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    Away MDT +++ 07/07/10 PSF: - Glasgow Rangers v OUFC MDT +++

    Call it a run out. As many have said (Since June). We need some good defenders and a striker that can hold the ball up.
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    Away MDT +++ 07/07/10 PSF: - Glasgow Rangers v OUFC MDT +++

    Could be wrong but he look miles off side to me
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    New Kit 2019/20

    Tidy kit. Happy with that.
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