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    Away game +++ 9/3/19 Gillingham v OUFC Matchday Thread +++

    And even with the squad Appleton inherited, you could still see what he was trying to do with the side.
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    Away game +++ 9/3/19 Gillingham v OUFC Matchday Thread +++

    Well it's 30, because we only have 10 games left. And we've had 108 points up for grabs in the past 36 games and taken only 39 of them, so I'm not sure this is the best positive argument you could use. Being 3pts behind 14th is probably the one you should go for.
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    Away game +++ 9/3/19 Gillingham v OUFC Matchday Thread +++

    A point would've been nice, but a defeat is disappointing. Still all to play for, and I think deep down we all know our fate is going to be decided by our home games, not our away ones.
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    Malachi Napa

    Every player's journey is different. I see no one's mentioned the former Oxford player who's current playing for Bristol City. No, not O'Dowda; Matty Taylor. And he hardly set the world alight when he came through our youth system. The truth is that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to...
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    Summer 2019 Outgoings

    Sounds like a drug dealer's street name.
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    Ricky Holmes

    I would suspect Sheffield United would be paying a big portion of his wages, with Gillingham picking up the rest, just enough so that it would make sense financially. Would be in SU's favour to try and cut what wage they can on an injured player.
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    Summer 2019 Outgoings

    I think of those remaining players, you could make a case for Eastwood, Brannagan, Whyte and Henry being lured elsewhere (inc McMahon), but I reckon only max two of them would leave. In terms of Hanson, I think we need to use any remaining games if/when we're safe from relegation, plus...
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    Current Player Ivo Pekalski

    Worth bearing in mind that he was loaned back to Halmstad for 4-and-a-half months, and I wouldn't believe we'd ship him out without getting the other side to fork up for his wages.
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    Current Player Ivo Pekalski

    I reckon quite a few would be. Garbutt's wages wouldn't be low-cost, even if we're paying a fraction of them. Getting in a recognisable name like Mackie can't have been cheap either. Reckon Eastwood is on at least that after he signed his new deal with us.
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    The most important Issue is ????

    Dead Man Walking - David Bowie You Can't Win - Michael Jackson If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz
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    Chairman call for action?

    Pretty sure this exact rumour was also going round last time there was a winding-up petition ordered, and RadOx confirmed it was a load of cobblers.
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    Current Player Sam Long

    Five managers who've seen something in him. I can't really comment on the lad because I've not really seen him play (apart from in that sending-off v Bristol Rovers). I think he probably is on low wages, but to survive at this club for so long when so many 'promising' young players have come and...
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    Happy Anniversary!

    You make a good point about our board members. There has been a lot of talk about Thohir, but we've heard literally zilch when it comes to Horst Geicke. At least Zaki Nuseibeh is showing outward passion for the club so I can cut him some slack on that regard, but I don't know what he's doing to...
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    Chairman Winding up order served by Kassam

    I think sometimes it seems so frustrating and looking like this isn't ever going to end. But, correct me if I'm wrong, the agreement signed by Merry has under 10 years to run, so the question would be: Is it worth throwing away all our history and completely starting again? At the moment I...
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    Chairman Winding up order served by Kassam

    I suppose you could look at it in two ways. 1) For Firoz to have a constant stream of income coming in from the stadium, it's in his interest to keep Oxford United running as a financially-sound football club. This could be Firoz forcing Tiger's hand to set a precedent that payments to Firoka...
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