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    +++ 25/9/18 OUFC v Manchester City Match day thread+++

    Shame to concede those two late goals, but it shows you that we can be more solid defensively when we put our minds to it.
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    +++ 25/9/18 OUFC v Manchester City Match day thread+++

    Not as bad as it could've been, but you've got to feel for Cameron Norman.
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    Current Player Resting players?

    So we name six substitutes on Saturday and now magically we have enough players to rotate our side against the champions of England? Forget the league, play your strongest XI infront of a packed house, and try your damnedest to win it.
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    It would be nice to have a link or screenshot, as I can't seem to find anything on the Sky Sports website
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    Tiger said an owner of Inter Milan would be 'joining the board', so he may take up a minority stake in the club. However, I think it's Italian news outlets putting two and two together and getting five. That link says that Sky Sports UK has reported it (despite there being no such story on Sky...
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    Home game +++ 22/09/18 OUFC v Walsall Match Day Thread +++

    Everything else you've said is well-argued, but this simply isn't true. MApp came in on 4th July, only 8 days before his first preseason match. He inherited a shell of a squad and had less than a month to put a squad together. There have been a lot of MApp/KR comparisons, but I don't think...
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    Home game +++ 22/09/18 OUFC v Walsall Match Day Thread +++

    I've seen nothing whatsoever that gives me any hope of not being trounced in midweek. With the Swansea and Newcastle games we went into them with belief, but there's none of that at the club at the moment. We are now 9 games in to the league campaign, and we had an initial reaction to our poor...
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    Home game +++ 22/09/18 OUFC v Walsall Match Day Thread +++

    For all this talk of the Championship at the fan's forum; we'll soon be in League 2 if something doesn't change soon.
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    For the most part, it has been down to bad luck. However, when you have multiple injuries for similar positions that's when problems can occur. We all know about Hall's knee, Holmes has a persistent back injury, Mackie's not been fit from the outset and I've lost count of the amount of times...
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    I think the club's options for an extra year that are currently in place are a good thing, but I reckon when they need to be enacted is when we need to sell them. Three years with an option for a fourth probably sorts the club the best.
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    Carabao Cup - Manchester City (H) SOLD OUT

    Shame that I couldn't get a ticket, but happy that it's sold out before general sale - means no plastics trying to wing their way in ahead of proper fans
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    Carabao Cup - Manchester City (H) SOLD OUT

    Yeah I can't find it either
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    Gavin Whyte

    And to think, it's not so long ago that the best international call up our players could've hoped for was the England C Team.
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    Home game +++ 09/09/2018 OUFC v Coventry City match day thread +++

    Whilst we weren't great for crucial parts of the game, I'm not sure we were as bad as we were at the start of the season. The Portsmouth walloping was horrifically poor, and it does look like we're improving from that. Before today we've won 3 and drawn 1 of our last 4 games. Baptiste was...
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    +++ 04/09/2018 OUFC v Fulham U21 Match Day Thread +++

    I remember people used to say the same with O'Dowda. Most youngsters don't properly fill out until their late teens/early 20s.
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