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    Peps comments

    I reckon the 'agreement' went something like this: Pep: I want to sign Xemi. Recruitment: I think we should go for someone else, but at the end of the day, we can't stop you. Pep: Great. What about you, Faz & Chris? Faz: I've never heard of him but I'll back you on this. Chris: If you think...
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    Current Squad - Keep or Let Go

    I never said it wasn't. But it seems like some people want us to play two up top whilst simultaneously not wanting enough strikers at the club to be able to do that.
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    Retained list

    I think with Raglan and Hemmings it's a case of KR having to watch them in action first. If he thinks they have a role to play, then it's much easier to keep them on than trying to get rid of two players who are still under contract whilst trying to get in two replacements who are equally as good.
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    Current Squad - Keep or Let Go

    Not getting this squad-phobia. To do well in a 46-game league season you need a squad of players, not just an XI with the development squad on the bench. Not every youngster is going to be a Carroll or a Napa. Some might be a Buckley-Ricketts.
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    Current Player Rothwell and a new contract

    Gut feeling says he's going. Won't be long until we find out for sure though if KR wants to get the released list done as early as possible.
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    Stewart Donald to buy Sunderland

    Does Donald still own a small % of us?
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    +++ 17/4/2018 Wigan v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    I think it's fair to say we're not short of central midfielders.
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    Transfer targets?

    Jordan Graham on loan would be nice, seeing as Wolves are up. Has struggled for game time this season, don't know whether that's due to injuries or just being out of form. Would be wary of bringing in any more injury-prone players though.
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    Player of the Season

    Voting has opened for player of the season: Who would your pick be other than Eastwood?
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    Home game +++ 10/04/2018 OUFC v Fleetwood Town Match Day Thread +++

    But at this stage of the season, playing well means s**t all if we don't win.
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    Home game +++ 10/04/2018 OUFC v Fleetwood Town Match Day Thread +++

    You'd think, but we're making winning a game of football look as hard as winning the Champions League Final.
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    Home game +++ 10/04/2018 OUFC v Fleetwood Town Match Day Thread +++

    McAleny introducing something new to the Oxford players: scoring a goal.
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    Home game +++ 07/04/2018 OUFC v Oldham Athletic Match Day Thread +++

    For all our faults this season, probably the most glaring one is the lack of senior wingers. For a whole season you should have a minimum of four, yet we only have three: Henry (good but unlikely to attack the opposition with any pace), Hall (perpetually injured) and Buckley-Ricketts (pretty...
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    Was Pep our worst ever manager?

    I think everyone gets enamoured by the 'Barcelona' tag. Last season Barca B were playing in the Segunda Division B, effectively the Spanish third division. And Spain isn't known for the strength of its lower leagues.
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    Away game +++ 02/04/2018 Shrewsbury T v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    Why we don't play our first halves like our second halves I don't know. It's ridiculous that we have to be a goal down before we start playing football.
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