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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    Umm, he remains a bang average full back?...
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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    I hope we will be doing a few training sessions/matches at the Kass before these games
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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    Yeh, Pompey have played twice now and we are yet to play. I’m a getting concerned.
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    General Kit Launches 2020-2021

    we should keep this seasons away kit forever, best we’ve ever had IMO
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    General Paul Heaton

    Why deprive yourself of the greatest band that’s ever graced the earth just because Moz says a few controversial things every now and then?
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    General Paul Heaton

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    Home Match Thread +++ 29/02/20 OUFC V Southend Utd +++

    agreed, unfortunately that’s not possible with some on here...
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    Because you know the score, usual suspects on here have to somehow try and drive a wedge between club and fans
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    Away Match Thread +++ 22/02/20 Ipswich Town v OUFC+++

    to say Long has been immense is a bit much [emoji1787] he’s been ok, nothing more
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    Andrew Weatherall RIP

    another legend gone. RIP
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    Current Player Mackie

    [emoji1787] deluded
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    General Get to Truck (2020)

    Yes I was there for that gig. I am also seeing them in Brixton soon. I can’t get enough of them, best band out at the minute for me. Silver off the new album is a wonderful song, although the latest one is very different. They’ve gone a bit electric
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    General Get to Truck (2020)

    I’ll be there. Absolutely ecstatic DMA’s are there, amazing band. Shame, The Hives and The Lathums I’m looking forward to aswell
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    General Jan transfer window

    [emoji1787] Jesus wept
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