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    International News Oh you silly thing.....?

    he did that butter advert to fund a tour. saw PIL at oxford 02 academy and he was taking the P**s out of it
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    Tickets Tickets for Charlton

    i had to re register then link fan number to account. managed to get 2 tickets with no problems
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    Within the UK should any COVID-19 restrictions be applied (poll)?

    i can beat any of that. i’m off to weston-super-mare pontins for the weekend. breakfast and dinner included
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    50% capacity

    Dear Mr Kassam can we please have hot water and soap before we all go back to your shithole.
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    didn’t Atkinson fail a medical elsewhere before we got him? didn’t turn out too bad
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    Chairman Takeover now Old Car Chat

    think it was standard material back then. we had Hillman imp, marina and maxi, and all had sweaty seats
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    Chairman Takeover now Old Car Chat

    i remember the long summer drives to cornwall sitting on the plastic seats and getting get stuck to when you sweated
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    The Euros. How will England do?

    should’ve picked Dickie. fact.
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    General Between Towns Road

    is that where the garage used to be near cowley centre?
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    General Yesteryear

    shows how far we’ve come since then
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