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    General Peter Rhoades-Brown

    Was part of the finest team we ever had (113 games 29 as sub and 16 goals, all in team winning Div 3, or playing in top two divisions) Has been with the club ever since in tangible roles behind the scenes and probably the face most associated with OUFC around the city and county. Proper legend...
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    Home Match Day Thread 15/12/2020 L1 OUFC v Northampton Town

    Yeah, bang on. Every village has always had one of the type of person who now all group together in every conspiracy theory social media group going, so there must be loads who can share each others intellect now. As has been pointed out, the mask wearing is to protect other people, so if we...
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    General Yesteryear

    Cage was with the moat from early 80s until 1985. When the cage was in place it was it only ran the width of the penalty area and was designed to stop coins being thrown at the goalie. From edge of the penalty area there was no fence at all, just the wall and the moat. Up until summer '85 the...
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    I fixed it for you, its where Kip used to stand on derby day! :ROFLMAO:
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    Away Match Day Thread 26/09/20 L1 - Accrington Stanley V OUFC

    Sorry Karl!! We didn't all doubt you!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    General KR & Tiger to have talks?

    Great news all round. Very excited for this season....
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    Stadium name

    Agree with all of this.... I miss the Manor, and until this year I never thought I'd miss the Breeze Block.... but bloody hell what I'd give to be taking up E 100 again for first few games of the season like we normally would be at this time of year!!
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    Chris Cadden

    Chessington is a COVID testing site, so it would have been interesting! :ROFLMAO:
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    Match Buildup Playoff Home Leg - cover the seats with the big flags?

    IMHO it's sporting integrity as well as money. The financial point is that the league and the clubs will make twice as much money from two games televised on Sky. The sporting integrity point is that all play-off clubs go in to this having played no competitive matches for over three months...
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    I'm not sure that this idea will take off, but either way this idea is better posted in the thread about new songs!!? ;)
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Wernham Hogg were brilliant, until they moved that Scumdon lot in back in 2002..... I bloody loved it 'til then!
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    Ex Player Lets scour the internet for great oxford goals...

    The vision quality in this clip is awful. I remember the Aylott goal that Tommy Wright screwed up but don't remember the game being this foggy from front of Beech Road!
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    From watching STID it appears that Stew and Charlie went in with the idea of stopping Sunderland being a place where players took the P**s - e.g. Rodwell as the most obvious example. I think that is why they wanted Maja out of the door for as much money as they could get as early in the 2019...
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    "We're still digging ourselves out of the trench that we jumped in to last May, but we need you guys in that trench with us" - WTF..... More Brent than Brent, what a f***ing tool.
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    Ex Player Lets scour the internet for great oxford goals...

    This came up on my YouTube home page earlier:
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    Premier Global Sports Management Ltd tweet

    Well either you're the same person, or really have an axe to grind with him to open up a thread from over two years ago... at the point this thread was left we were still five weeks off getting KR as manager and even 10 days off Tiger and friends buying the club. At the risk of a whoooosh...
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    General Best and Worst XIs

    Wasn't Burgess the Bertie big B*****s who was writing a Daily Mirror column whilst we totally messed up the second half of that season?! If he'd kept the skill he had and replaced the size of his ego with one quarter the same size of heart he'd have been a Championship player. Am I making up...
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    General Best and Worst XIs

    Yeah, toyed with it and felt bad about not putting him in, possibly should have been in ahead of Andy Melville as AM hasn't ever been a caretaker or manager as far as I could see, but did have longer coaching career in pro game... harsh on Fordy though. PS. I loved Fordy and Robbo being back...
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    General Best and Worst XIs

    Generally players I've seen with the obvious exceptions of Big Ron, Jim Barron and Mark Wright GK - Jim Barron - 1st team coach Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa, Caretaker Wolves, Birmingham and Northampton; Manager Cheltenham RB - Sam Ricketts - Manager, Shrewsbury Town CB - Ron Atkinson -...
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    General Best and Worst XIs

    If there were more like him at the moment we wouldn't all be locked down!! :)
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